Grants and Scholarships
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 How community agencies benefit from the

Sutter Yuba Community Foundation:

 The Foundation awards grants to organizations with four characteristics:

  • An active Board of Directors
  • Sound financial management 
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out the proposed project
  • Recognition by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organizations          
                             Please note: No grants are made to individuals.

Grant Application

To apply for a grant from Sutter Yuba Community Foundation,
please fill out the Grant Application per the instructions provided on the application. If you have any questions, please contact 
Please read guidelines below before applying for the grant.
            Grant Funding Guidelines and Information 
  1. Recipients must be active 501(c) 3 organizations located in Yuba, Sutter or surrounding counties. Please provide your Federal tax ID number in the space provided as well as a copy of your IRS authorization letter.
  2. No grants will be funded for projects or services which discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, physical or mental disability, national origin or sexual orientation.
  3. Grants to area organizations usually range from $250 to $1,500.
  4. Mail your completed application to Sutter Yuba Community Foundation, P.O. Box 3165, Yuba City, CA 95992

Board Policy for Community Fundraisers

This policy statement has been developed by the Sutter Yuba Community Foundation (SYCF) Board of Directors to help guide those who are planning local fundraising events and solicitations associated with those events.

SYCF policy does not allow the Foundation to sponsor specific community fundraising events; this includes but is not limited to the purchase of tables, raffle tickets, and sponsorships that are directly tied to a fundraiser.

All money awarded by the Foundation is in the form of grants. Grant checks are awarded to those organizations that successfully complete the Foundation’s application and submit it in accordance with the application’s instructions. Current applications and associated instructions may be downloaded from the SYCF website,
The above policy does not preclude Board members, as individuals, from purchasing a table, raffle tickets, or supporting a fundraiser in any manner should an individual Board member desire.
This policy does not hinder community organizations from giving a table to the SYCF in order to assist in filling their headcount goals at their events.


The SYCF facilitates several scholarships, including the John and Karin Jelavich Scholarship, the Workforce Development Scholarship, the Sarah Jackson Memorial Scholarship, and the LeBeck "Rise Up" Scholarship (for YCHS, RVHS, APHS & FRA seniors/grads only) . For the 2018 applications, please click below to download. 
LeBeck "Rise Up" Scholarship app (YCHS, RVHS, APHS and FRA seniors/grads only) 
Scholarship Recipients 2017 
     The Sutter Yuba Community Foundation proudly awarded 9 scholarships to local students this year. Grants of $500 for the John and Karin Jelavich Scholarship were presented to Gursimran Mann of Yuba City High School, Kyra Meyer of Marysville High School, Ramanpreet Kaur of River Valley High School, and Lynsey Sullivan of Marysville High School. The Workforce Development Scholarship for $500 was awarded to Jennifer Olivares Cortes of Yuba College. The Sarah Jackson Memorial Scholarship was presented to Matthew Pimley of Sutter Union High School in the amount of $500. A new scholarship available this year to students who are graduates of schools in the Yuba City Unified School District is the LeBeck “Rise Up” Scholarship. Three students of Yuba City High School were awarded $1,000 each. They include Inderjit Gill, Mariah Abolt, and Elisa Palato.  
     There were  41 applicants for the Jelavich Scholarship, 6 for the Workforce Development, 9 for the Sarah Jackson Memorial, and 5 for the LeBeck "Rise Up" Scholarship.